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writesonthesly wrote in 12th_level_love
Kara did not like Bolina Chaseer. Oh sure, the woman was kind, honest, and she meant well...but Kara didn't like the way Bolina kept close to Querl during her visits, or whenever Querl visited the Institute of Time. Kara knew that she shouldn't be jealous. She hadn't even started anything with Querl and she was still exploring romance, but it still got under her invulnerable, bullet-proof skin whenever the young woman would take Querl's hand or sit so close that her thigh touched Querl's.

What was even more frustrating was that Querl didn't notice. He just nodded, gave Bolina little smiles reserved between old friends, and went along. For a few minutes, she'd wonder if Querl did notice and enjoyed the flirtations. But no, Querl is too oblivious for those kinds of revelations.

Sitting at the table with Bolina, Querl and Rond, she kept a tight smile on her face, while wishing that she had taken the seat next to Querl, because now, throughout the gathering, she will have to watch Bolina, seated next to Querl, get closer and closer, and Querl smiling at the young student didn't help matters.

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Nice glimpse of her frustration. Thanks for posting! ^_^

Single Ladies was playing when I wrote this.

Aww, poor Kara! This is obviously torturing her. :(

There will be more later, right? With Querl kissing and snuggling with his Supergirl and all will be well... right? <3

You have to continue this and write more! You're such a good writer and it's really difficult to find good fanfiction writers!

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